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Elements Series

James Frey Collection

The Elements series of paintings by winemaker/artist James Frey are inspired by the elements that come together to produce great wine.  The lower portion of the paintings represent the ground upon which the vineyard is planted and the ancient soils that drive the uniqueness of each site.  The upper portions represent the dynamic nature of the elements of sun, heat, wind, and rain that drive so much of what an individual vintage will become.

  • Elements No. 92 | $2,450
  • Elements No. 93 | SOLD
  • Elements No. 86 | SOLD
  • Elements No. 94 | SOLD
  • Elements No. 87 | SOLD
  • Elements No. 88 | SOLD
  • Elements No. 89 | SOLD
  • Elements No. 90 | $1,850
  • Elements No. 91 | SOLD

James Frey

About the Artist

James Frey began taking and developing his own photos at the age of 12. Three years later, he began working full-time as a newspaper photojournalist and by the age of sixteen became the youngest recipient to receive an award from the California newspaper association for his work. He continued to work as a photojournalist in order to pay his way through college.  In his late twenties, Frey turned to painting and developed a passion for abstract expressionist works. His paintings of rich, deep hues and vibrant contrast create a powerful sense of color, shape, and energy. In order to create a greater tactile quality, at times he’ll incorporate vineyard cuttings, pinot noir skins and vineyard soil into a piece.

His paintings have been sold to collectors throughout North America.  He also has work hanging in Great Britain, France, Sweden, Central America and Brazil.

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