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Depoe Bay Series

James Frey Collection

Inspired by the beauty and serenity of the Oregon Coast, and painted in his studio at Gleneden Beach, artist/winemaker James Frey has captured the dune-fringed sandy beaches and exposed rocky shores of the Depoe Bay area with a palette of deep, rich browns, with variegated blonds, greens, and rusts.  Despite the storm, the painting exudes a peaceful serenity that juxtaposes the dynamic nature of the storm with an intrinsic sense of well-being.  As in many of his works, the painting incorporates pinot noir skins and vineyard soils to add texture and add a sense of place.

  • Depoe Bay No. 23 | $5,900
  • Depoe Bay No. 30 | SOLD
  • Depoe Bay No. 26 | SOLD
  • Depoe Bay No. 27 | $1,750
  • Depot Bay No. 28 | SOLD
  • Depoe Bay No. 25 | $5,900

James Frey

About the Artist

James Frey began taking and developing his own photos at the age of 12. Three years later, he began working full-time as a newspaper photojournalist and by the age of sixteen became the youngest recipient to receive an award from the California newspaper association for his work. He continued to work as a photojournalist in order to pay his way through college.  In his late twenties, Frey turned to painting and developed a passion for abstract expressionist works. His paintings of rich, deep hues and vibrant contrast create a powerful sense of color, shape, and energy. In order to create a greater tactile quality, at times he’ll incorporate vineyard cuttings, pinot noir skins and vineyard soil into a piece.

His paintings have been sold to collectors throughout North America.  He also has work hanging in Great Britain, France, Sweden, Central America and Brazil.

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